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Hello, thank you so much for stopping by my carrd! I hope you could read through the Terms Of Service before ordering a commission from me!


01 General Terms

  • Prices are subject to change based on demand.

  • I have the right to reject any order for any reason.

  • Please credit me by tagging my social media!

02 Payment

  • Currency accepted is USD and Singapore Dollar (SGD). You can pay through PayPal or Paynow/PayLah! (SGD).

  • PayPal for cilents outside of Singapore.

  • Commissions can be paid either 100% upfront or split 50% upfront and 50% after sketch approval.

  • Don't send me any payment before I have agreed to give you a slot and requested you to send me the payment.

03 Delivery & Process

  • The time it takes to finish your commission varies 1 week - 1 month depending on factors such as health, the complexity of the commissioned piece and other work.

  • Once the piece is finished you will receive the full-resolution image (JPEG, PNG)

  • Note that there is no physical product.

04 Revisions

  • You get 3 rounds of changes on the commissioned piece included in the price.

  • A fee will be added if you want something changed on the final drawing - unless a misunderstanding from my side has been made.

  • If you wish for me to change something in the drawing you have previously approved, I will charge you a fee to change it. The amount of the extra charge depends on the change you want me to make and is usually based on an hourly wage.

  • If your reference is unclear to start with changes will come at an extra charge.

05 Copyright & Usage

  • I, Ler (the artist):

  • reserve the right to cancel and refund the order at any time for any reason.

  • retain all copyrights over the commissioned artwork.

  • will NOT claim the intellectual property (IP) of the commissioned artwork.

  • will NOT profit further from the commissioned artwork unless you (the customer) break any of the terms.

  • reserve the right to post the commissioned artwork online, in my portfolio as well as in publications such as art books.

  • You (the customer/commissioner):

  • may upload the commissioned artwork on any website and social channels.

  • may NOT make profits from the commissioned piece (reselling, redistributing, uploading to POD-services, make prints, etc.)

  • may NOT alter the commissioned artwork without my (the artist's) consent.

06 Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • The buyer is not allowed a refund once I started working on the commission.

  • If for any reason I am unable to start your commission you will receive a full refund.

  • If you cancel your order before I started it, you can get a full refund.

  • If you are getting a refund, do not request a Paypal chargeback. I will transfer the money back to you myself.

  • If you request a Paypal chargeback at any point when you were not allowed to ask for a refund you will lose all aforementioned rights to the commissioned piece and I will have the full right to profit further from it in any way. I will decline the chargeback and supply Paypal with our conversations in which we talk about the commission as evidence that I have completed work for you. Furthermore, you will be blacklisted for commissioning me again.

  • If you stop responding or leave messages on seen for 2 days, you will be immediately blacklisted and no refunds will be given. I will not tolerate people who waste my time when I have already started on the commission.

will do ✅

fanart, icons

original characters

soft nsfw

won't do ❌



nsfw, gore

COMMISSION TYPES - Comes with a simple background.
- Detailed backgrounds can be discussed.
- Additional Characters : 50% of Original Price
- Major changes to final product. : 75% of Original Price
(click on the images to view it in full size)

LINEART Headshot USD$10 / SGD$14
Half Body USD$13 / SGD$17
Full body USD$15 / SGD$20

FLAT COLOUR Headshot USD$20 / SGD$27
Half Body USD$23 / SGD$30
Full Body USD$25 / SGD$34

FULLY SHADED Headshot USD$40 / SGD$54
Half Body USD$45 / SGD$60
Full Body USD$50 / SGD$67


Enquire me about my commissions! I would be happy to answer your questions.